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A message from our trustees

We are entering an exciting phase of the development of The Space Field Lane, we have recently finalised the plans and are currently obtaining detailed costings.
In addition to regular planning meetings we are working with the community to engage potential users and groups. We are arranging volunteer visits to the centre so they can determine how to help.
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The Space Field Lane Trustees

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Derek Dodkins
Derek Dodkins, Trustee and Chair, Field Lane Resident - ‘Elder Statesman’ of Scouting locally

Mary Green
Mary Green, Trustee and Funding Co-ordinator, Rastrick Resident – Retired, ex Sales Manager

Anne Gomersall
Anne Gomersal, Trustee – Recently retired from senior role in Youth Services at Calderdale Council

Rebecca Ingle
Rebecca Ingle, Trustee and Treasurer, Rastrick Resident – Trainee Accountant at Sleigh & Story

Catherine Richardson
Catherine Richardson, Trustee and Secretary, Rastrick Resident – Head of Achievement, Sixth form, Rastrick High School

Alison Mitchell
Alison Mitchell, Trustee, Rastrick Resident – Former CEO of BASH

Christine Beal
Christine Beal, Trustee, Former Rastrick Councillor.

Steve Tipton
Steve Tipton, Trustee, Rastrick Resident retired Primary School IT Support.

The Space Field Lane Advisors


Mags Bryson
Calderdale Council Neighbourhood Co-ordinator.
Mags has been working with the Trustees a local group of people working to get the centre re-opened.


Much loved facility now derelict and unused
Nothing else remotely similar on Field Lane
Hardly any current youth provision
Nowhere for inter-generational connection
Nowhere to re-inforce any sense of place
But there is:
Lots of affection for the area by the residents
A very great readiness to work with whatever is on offer to residents……..

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