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Volunteer Meetings

Two meetings have been organised for anyone interested in finding out more about volunteering opportunities at The Space Field Lane. Tuesday 6th February 2018 (15:30 – 17:00hrs) and Tuesday 13th February 2018 (17:00 – 18:00hrs). Both meetings will be at the Arncliffe Centre. Refreshments will be provided. Please let me know if you can attend either of these meetings, Anne 07803036791. Thank you.

Involving Young People

The young people from Field Lane and surrounding area have been involved in the development of The Space @ Field Lane  for over 18 months.  Activities have included

  • Designing a questionnaire for other young people asking them how they would use the centre. The questionnaire was used with other young people in Field Lane.
  • Planning and running a charity stall in Huddersfield to raise money for The Space @ Field Lane .

  • Running a tuck shop from the mobile unit for children using the Parkour area.

Young people have been successful in raising £4,600 for a Youth Social Action ‘iWill’ fund.  This funding will enable the young people to continue activities to support the development of The Space @ Field Lane   and the estate as a whole.  Plans for the use of this money include:-

  • Design and production of a DVD aimed at increasing awareness of and its potential future use. You can see the results below!

  • Planning for and running a ‘Family Fun Day’ during Spring Bank 2018. To involve the whole estate. This has now been organised for Saturday 5th May 2018. Check our calendar for details.

Consultation with School Councils.

In October we met with both Field Lane and Longroyde Primary School Councils.  An activity was run to find out what the children would like to see happening at The Space @ Field Lane  once it is refurbished.  Results of this amazing consultation can be found on the link below.


We are always delighted to invite local people as volunteers.  At the moment we have 8 volunteers who have registered with us to support The Space @ Field Lane .  This can be done in a variety of ways, everyone has something to give.  At present we have a volunteer setting up a web page and Facebook for us.  We also have volunteers who bake cakes to support some of our activities and events.  Volunteers have also run some of the recent community consultation events.

If you have any time to give and would like to see The Space @ Field Lane  become a busy and thriving Community Centre please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Anne Gomersall via email (see below) or use our contact page.

Community Engagement

In October 2017 we ran a programme of community consultation in Field Lane. Activities included:-
• 2 sessions outside the shops
• 2 ‘pop up’ coffee sessions at Field Lane and Longroyde Primary Schools.
• Sessions with the School Councils at Field Lane and Longroyde Primary Schools.
• Discussion with the parents group at ‘Messy Monkeys’ Field Lane Children’s Centre.
• Involvement from students at Rastrick High School.

Fundraising – So far


  • £4,700 – Donation at start of project
  • £500 – Rastrick Ward Forum
  • £1,500 – Rastrick Big Local
  • £250 – Pennine Rotary
  • £75,000 – The Tudor Trust
  • £10,000 – The Bernard Sunley Foundation
  • £90 – The Young People of the Estate
  • £100 – a St Matthew’s Church Member
  • £1600 – Brighouse Rotary – Tree of Light.
  • £230,000 – Big Lottery Reaching Communities Buildings Grant
  • £325 – Brighouse Rotary – Brighouse Music Festival
  • £30,000 – Garfield Weston foundation
  • TOTAL SO FAR: £353,795

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