The Field Lane community centre, once vibrant, was built by the community for the community back in the 80’s. After years of gradual decline it was closed in 2011. Sadly it is currently totally unfit for purpose but thanks to a group of dedicated local residents who persuaded Calderdale Council the building had a future and now own the lease.

They  have been working together for 3 years, calling themselves The Space @ Field Lane Group their aim is to restore this much needed facility to the residents of Field Lane estate and beyond.

In November 2016 the group became a fully constituted, registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation N0. 1170265.

What is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)                              

A Charitable Incorporated Organisation, referred to as a CIO, is a new type of legal format for a registered charity. The intention is to afford charities limited liability without having to register as a limited company with Companies House and as a registered charity with the Charity Commission.

The CIO structure has several benefits including:

The members and trustees are personally protected from the financial and contractual liabilities incurred by the charity to a limited amount of £1

The charity has a legal personality of its own, enabling it to conduct business in its own name, instead of the name of the trustees as per an unincorporated charity.

There is only one registry to deal with – The Charity Commission to file accounts.

For further information on CIO or other structures :  www.gov.uk/government/organisations/charity-commission

On Saturday. June 10th 2017 they held a “Vision Day” the video below was made to publicise the project and get more people involved.